Sunday, November 23, 2014

TBI Patients With High Cognitive Reserve Recover Better

Study: Traumatic Brain Injury patients with high cognitive reserve recover 7 times better

The study exam­ined peo­ple with mod­er­ate to severe trau­matic brain injuries, most of which were from motor vehi­cle acci­dents or falls. All were taken to the emer­gency depart­ment and spent time in the hos­pi­tal after the injury and also for inpa­tient rehabilitation.
The cog­ni­tive reserve the­ory is that peo­ple with more edu­ca­tion have a greater cog­ni­tive reserve, or the brain’s abil­ity to main­tain func­tion in spite of dam­age. The con­cept has emerged for brain dis­or­ders such as Alzheimer’s dis­ease, where peo­ple with higher lev­els of edu­ca­tion have been shown to have fewer symp­toms of the dis­ease than peo­ple with less edu­ca­tion, even when they have the same amount of dam­age in the brain from the dis­ease. But few stud­ies have looked at how cog­ni­tive reserve may affect trau­matic brain injury.
Peo­ple with edu­ca­tion equal to a col­lege degree were more than seven times more likely to fully recover from their injury than peo­ple who did not fin­ish high school,” Schnei­der said. “And peo­ple with some col­lege edu­ca­tion were nearly five times more likely to fully recover than those with­out enough edu­ca­tion to earn a high school diploma. We need to learn more about how edu­ca­tion helps to pro­tect the brain and how it affects injury and resilience. Explor­ing these rela­tion­ships will hope­fully help us to iden­tify ways to help peo­ple recover bet­ter from trau­matic brain injury.”

Politics, Greed and Medical Cannabis

Dear friends, my trip to Fl taught me a lot about politics and greed.
I also learned how high the risk is too committed advocates. Due to my present medical cannabis advocacy and medical history coupled with my prior law-enforcement career in Florida, I was seen as too big a threat to talk and someone apparently paid Google to remove my name and my blog from Google search. My flight was purposely detained from Portland leaving. I was held up in security in a wheel chair, so thin you can count every rib. I did miss my flight as a result of the search antics. I did find my bag flown 5 hours prior out in the open and unprotected by baggage claims in FL.  I had done everything legal by OR state medical cannabis patients law. I was told the airports had sent memos NOT to check "checked" luggage to closely with the dogs. I was also told I was the first patient to test it. My bags were NOT bothered but they were not protected. I was a suspect even in security and my transporter was hysterical, so I knew they were expecting me. Yes, big brother watches me so ever closely, like I am a terrorist for telling the truth. I am a whole lot glad my truth is getting under such deep and greedy pockets. I am not the only patient in need and this red tape is literally killing people.

Debbie M. Wilson

Medical Cannabis and Detox From Medication

Dear friends, when I started this medical cannabis journey I was in an illegal
state and had a 23-year-old son who did smoke cannabis. I was fortunate to be able to enlist his help in securing the medical cannabis I needed. My posttraumatic headaches were immediately controlled. My son had told me cannabis would help with my headaches, we did not know how much it would
help with my epilepsy. I realized I was at the end of all known medical options. I was at the end of all medical knowledge freely given. I realized after researching for my neurologists for the last two decades I was neurology and medical cannabis research. I did use medical cannabis to detox off of over 40 pills a day. This process was tough but made very manageable with medical cannabis, not like other horrible withdrawals, I had been brutalized by. I am currently detoxing off my last pharmaceutical, and my seizure rescue medicine. I have been on Klonopin for 18 years at a high daily dose ranging from 8 mg - 16 mg per day. I am down to one 2 mg pill a day from my last 6 mg doze and medical cannabis makes this last and final goodbye possible once again. <3 p="">
Debbie M. Wilson

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Tradidition

Dear friends it is holiday time again and not a paricularly easy time of the year for many of us. Many years ago my son and I started a tradition Of bringing homeless people to our Thanksgiving dinner. This has become Cody a I's Thanksgiving gift to others less fortunate than ourselves. We have found that we are not lonely when we are busy giving thanks for our blessings and love to others.

Debbie M. Wilson

The Road Less traveled.....

The Road....

The road got rough,
I had to get tough.
The road got lonely,
Learning to be my own friend was the fee.
The road got surreal,
All things survivors really and truly feel
The road had many twists and turns,
I realized this was the speeded up way to learn.
The road had way more peaks than valley's.
This was the hope I held onto when issues were drowning me.
The road held unexpected persons, people And many new things.
The road ended up being more beautiful than I could have dreamed.

Debbie M. Wilson

Friday, November 21, 2014

Dear friends, the word access means to have the availabilituny to use something.
In the case of Medical Cannabis access, it is the only important key. Without access we
don't hear about Success cannabis stories. When we start hearing about success cases in Nevada
I wonder how many will remember those  successes came at the expense of many lives in Florida.
CBD only access opened the door for medical cannabis access in southern states. It has now given rise to the knowledge that the need is much greater and all states will one day have full medical access legislation as well as recreational access. If we states do it right and share with education and awareness before propaganda gets there we can win this ridiculous war on cannabis sooner than later. Let's all do our part to educate and make others aware of our amazing gift of medical cannabis.

Debbie M. Wilson

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